About Us

FIT Formula is an evidence based approach to health and wellness. Using the latest research in nutrition and exercise physiology, we have developed a system that focuses on 4 key components to getting results.

Diet + Exercise + Recovery + Accountability

The goal was to create an adaptive system that could do two things: meet the rigorous demands of New York City’s busiest professionals and deliver unparalleled results.

The FIT Formula System

The vision of FIT Formula was to create an adaptable system that is simple to follow with the end goal of driving body transformation and enhancing physical performance.


  1. Customized Exercise Programs +
  2. Personalized Nutritional Counseling+
  3. Massage Therapy / Recovery +
  4. Accountability & Motivation +

Getting Started


To be able to map progress, FIT Formula evaluates your current physical abilities, nutrition, fitness goals and health history to create a baseline profile. This information allows us to create the optimal program to help you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.


Based on your initial orientation and recommendation from your primary care physician we will customize a health and wellness program that will enable you to seamlessly meet your goals. As your fitness level improves we will continuously modify and reassess your program, so that you continue to make progress and never plateau.


To stay motivated when training we approach fitness two different ways. Private Training or with a Team. The Team approach to training allows you stay motivated by training in small groups of up to 4 people. The energy in these small groups are highly motivating and encouraging. It usually pushes the client a little bit more than they would normally would on there own or in a one on one setting. With the team approach you will have more people to keep you accountable, motivated and engaged.

Trainer’s Expertise

More Information

Working together, we'll find the program that's right for you...

Team Training

This is for those clients who like the interaction of group classes but also wants the personal attention to detail that comes with private training. Class sizes are capped at 4 people maximum to ensure the best client outcome. This is not a one size fits all approach, each client is assessed thoroughly to determine how best to achieve his or her fitness goals. Classes are held at multiple locations throughout NYC.


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FIT Formula 10 day 100 % Plant-based detox program. Designed with the collaboration of Smart Life Nutrition to help clients reset, restore and increase metabolic efficiency in 10 Days. Each meal is careful constructed to give you everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Next Cha lenge registration closes October 1st. Sign up now!


In 10 days

  • 30 minute consultation call with
    your health coach
  • Private Facebook group
  • Recipe ebook & shopping lists
  • Meal plans designed to drop pounds
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