Success Stories

    “ I feel better than I did in my 30’s”

    My name is Stacey. I have been training with Jonathon for over 6 years. I started with no training exposure whatsoever. He has been working with me through my engagement, marriage, and two pregnancies. and I can honestly say I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I feel better than I did in my 30’s, I just turned 40. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who really wants to focus on any core areas, body transformation, and really general nutrition and getting in great shape.

    “Now, I am happy to be at my high school weight, in shape, full of energy...”

    In the 4 1/2 years that I have been working out with Jonathan, I have seen a complete transformation of my body – muscle tone, and body fat percentage. In that time, I have dealt with numerous setbacks including pregnancies, complicated by auto-accident and surgery related injuries and reconstructions. When we started working together I could barely walk without pain and a limp. Now, I am happy to be at my high school weight, in shape, full of energy (to handle my three children), and, most importantly, without the daily aches and pains that plagued me for years. I have been able to eliminate physical therapy and now see Jonathan as my go-to for ALL physical exercise, rehab and massage.Jonathan has given me my life back and I am forever grateful.


    My name is Jennifer, I have been training with Jon for about a year. A very good friend of mine who has been training with Jon for several years loves him and referred him to me. From the first session I started working out with him, I knew he was a great match for me. I’ve had two kids and I had some specific things I wanted to work on. I worked with several other trainers in the past and a lot of times they had their own agenda. But Jon was very flexible in terms of what I could and could not do, and he really started me out in a way that I felt comfortable. I’ve gotten much stronger and my body has changed significantly since I started working with him.

    “I learn new things every session”

    Wes is the man. Worked with another trainer at Equinox and the difference in quality and attention is night and day. Wes is very focused on form, expanding range of motion, and preventing injury. Has an exhaustive knowledge of fitness and nutrition and created a program with my specific goals in mind. I also like his focus on taking the pain out of measuring my progress.

    In my previous experience, a PT served as a glorified cheerleader and seemed to try to increase my dependence upon them. Instead, I learn new things every session and a big focus is empowering me so that I can do the exercises on my own as well.

    Chris S.

    Winter doesn’t give us any excuses! Reaching our goals. Thank you West and Nora for an awesome full body workout this morning:) high and low intensity workouts with great music

    Rina P.
    “Wes and his trainers are so fun and friendly...”

    The trainers at Fit Formula are about as good as it gets. Having injured myself from working with other trainers, Wes’s attention to detail, movement, posture, and each individual’s needs is unparalleled. His knowledge of everything related to fitness and nutrition is astounding and I saw a difference in my body after only a few sessions. You get a sense that they truly care about their clients. Wes and his trainers are so fun and friendly to work out with that an hour-long workout goes by very quickly.

    Anna W.

    “Not only did I drop a full pant size in only a few weeks...”

    I knew I needed to start eating better and gain a workout routine however I didn’t know where to begin….Not only did I drop a full pant size in only a few weeks but certain physical ailments I was struggling with have seen great improvement as well!

    Katherine B.
    Fit28 Client
    “I have a completely different lifestyle...”

    I started working with John about a year ago. I started working out with him because I was getting married and I wanted to get a trainer and learn more about working out at Gyms so I could work out more for my wedding. I got married four months ago and I’m still working out with John because I loved it so much. Working out for me has changed my life completely. I have a completely different lifestyle, it spills over into the rest of my life in terms of how I eat, it impacts the way that I feel throughout the day and the week. Personally I hate the gym and I hate working out. BUT working out with John has made me like it and I’ve learned to love the way that I feel, which, for me is way more of a reward than not working out at all. I feel much stronger and I feel great in my clothes and I feel like when I go to the beach in my bathing suit I can feel good and confident, and that has been the most rewarding thing about the whole experience, above just feeling great and feeling healthy and feeling strong. That is definitely something new for me, I’ve never felt strong before. As far as a favorite exercise, I would say I don’t have a favorite, it’s probably the stretch at the end, because I’m usually pretty exhausted,but I usually feel amazing after. I come down here in the morning and I’m miserable when I get down here, but I feel amazing after I leave. So I know every time that it’s worth it.

    “I can’t say enough good things about Wes”

    My name is Chris. I’ve been training with Wes for 3 years now. I played division 1 sports, so I’ve worked out my whole life, I’ve had a diversity of workouts; I can’t say enough about Wes and his team. The diversity, kickboxing, the ladder, the jumping, I can’t say enough good things about Wes.